Epistemology or theory of knowledge concerned

Epistemology or theory of knowledge concerned with the language in some aspects, especially in the matter of a priori knowledge, ie knowledge that is considered already known without being based on the experiences that have been experienced in practice. For example, human knowledge is in terms of matgo88bet.com Agen Judi, Agen Judi Bola, Agen Bola Online, Agen SBObet Terpercaya hematics. Mathematical knowledge is dizzying philosophers. How do we know that there is always a plus 8 7 15? One answer that the meaning of each term is used in the mathematical calculations that indeed we consider right, without further examination. This is what brings a question mark on the philosophers themselves. How can the term has meaning and how that statement can also have the meaning that the term is only used basing it has meaning.
Language Reform

The philosophers are also interested in improving the language. Language should be improved because of the activities of philosophers of science may be said to depend on the use of language. On the other hand, has a lot of complaints from scholars in various fields that they use language that contains many flaws.

Complaints against weaknesses language philosophers manifest in several forms. For example, Plotinus and Bergson considers that the language was not suitable to be used as the basis for the formulation of a fundamental truth. In their opinion, people will be able to understand the truth only when they were fused with reality and without language. At most, the language is only able to describe the truth of the picture crooked.

So, in this case, there are two different views on this language. First, the view that the language can still serve to be a means of introduction to philosophy. However, the user experience is not good, because the wearer herself wrong. Wearer deviate from how to use proper grammar and correct, without giving any meaning to deviations 
Batikpoker.com Judi Poker Online Uang Asli Indonesia they do. In this group there exists, for example the likes of Locke and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Locke did not like the scholastic jargon. Wittgenstein said that most of the problems that arise in discussions of philosophy stems from the fact that philosophers use the terminology (terms) in a distorted, different from the actual meaning.

People from both groups argue that the language that we use everyday is indeed less powerful, less accurate, less qualified, less suitable for use as a means of introduction to philosophy. Our language was vague, not explicit (not straightforward), containing a doubt (ambiguous), less independent or love depending on the context (context dependent) and often lead to misunderstanding. Within this group there exists people like Leibniz, Russell, and Carnap who wants to inflict a man-made language more appropriate to philosophical. The man-made language needs to be put in order the weaknesses that exist in the natural language can be corrected.
The essential rules of a language

Friends - Friends You Exciting, huh?
Maybe not forever woman lying when saying these words. But most of the cases, the woman lied about it because he did not want to be considered destroyer friendship. He also wants to welcome presence of the beloved friends, even though he may actually just want to be alone.

Often women praised her lover friends, for the sake of her love relationship goes well. He did not want to hurt her boyfriend by telling the truth. But in small hearts, women wish men could understand without having to say, that unfortunately, is usually not the case.

Disconnect reason Relations
Women often wear this lie to sever ties with him. Because, women do not want to be too long in conflict, then he will claim to be the guilty party. 'It's not your fault, but it's my fault.'

Honestly Just Me, Believe, I Will not
PokerKiuKiu.com Agen Judi Poker dan Domino Uang Asli IndonesiaAngry
This lie is usually pronounced when the woman asked for an honest opinion of the man. Actually he’s a bit much already know what the answer is, but still want to hear it from someone else. However, women often forget the promise he made that he would not be upset. One delivery can upset him. This usually happens when a woman asked something related to appearance, the food she cooked or clothes that he bought for a lover.

Not that women can not accept honest criticism of her lover, or expect compliments every time. But they want, criticism was delivered with a soft sentence and given advice. They do not want to hear that too frank statement, personal things or lies that are often covered with a woman from her partner.

Problem Friend Male Couple
I do not mind if you go with friends. Indeed, women can show sincere face when he asked for permission to go with his friends. However, usually women still feel suspicious, although in the end still allow her partner to go.

Weight Problem
Most women feel uncomfortable when I have to talk about weight loss partner. Sometimes, they are not forced to come clean about it. Not intend to deceive a lover, but this is because you want to always look attractive in the eyes of the couple.

Similarly, some of the signs and
Pulau Tidungcharacteristics of girls to boys lie. Now if you are already announcing that girl you said above. Hope it can be useful to you. You can also read the mental preparation for those who are getting married and the characteristics of women who are cheating

Flower induction

Flower induction
To stimulate flowering Solid Organic Fertilizer use SUPER NASA with a dose of 1-2 tablespoons / tree mixed with 10 liters of water sprayed evenly under the canopy of the tree after the second dashed (February-March) and sprayed NASA POC (3-4 ttp / tank) + HORMONIK (1 ttp) per tank.

Pulau Tidung management and fruit
Management of flowers and fruits is done 4 times, at the time of bud break, bud elongation, mango size (green beans) and a marble size (corn). Fertilizers are used:
1. Monokalsium phosphate (MKP) given before new shoots appear or bud break and at the time of bud break or bud elongation (dose of 2.5 g / liter).
2. NASA POC given at bud break, bud elongation, (dose 4-5 cap / tank).
3. NASA POC (3-4 ttp) + HORMONIK (1 ttp) per tank given upon size and marble size.Menanam mango mango tree is not foreign sounding, not as easy as it seems, but not as difficult as imagined. Well, if so actually did plant a mango tree said to be hard or easy? It was relatively remember there are things that must be considered when we want to plant a mango tree. There were planted mango trees and getting the coveted (fruiting mango tree), but there is no result as desired. Well, why the hard mango fruit? There are several factors to consider when you want to plant this tree.

- Good mango tree planted in soil with moderate moisture levels, soil with high moisture tingakt will only accelerate the production of leaves but no fruit growth. Conversely, if planted in soil with a low moisture level, there will be more flowers appear, but if the moisture content is not considered, then such interest shall not form the ovary, so be aware of irrigation.

- When will plant a mango tree, it is advisable to buy cangkokannya. Why? Because the grafts are expected to get the properties inherited from the previous tree.

- If you have s
Pulau Pariome trees planted in the same yard, rarely noticed between each plant, as it will affect the input of water to be absorbed by plants.

- Note also on irradiation. Mango trees require adequate sunlight.

- Remove the sap of the mango tree. The trick? Streaks of the mango tree with a knife, charcoal, or other. It’s good to make the strokes on a mango tree when the mango season has arrived.

- Apply fertilizer to stimulate growth and maintain interest when it was formed ovaries, the ovaries do not easily fall out.

- Planting spikes on the trunk and branches. By planting the nail on the trunk and branches, it will hinder the permeation of food by the leaves, but will be used for the formation of flowers and fruit.

- Prune the leaves are not productive. Pruning leaves for infiltration also serves food from the ground in order to be used for the formation of flowers and mango buah.Prosuksi not currently able to meet the market demand, in particular foreign markets. This is not only due to the inability of low productivity but also the quality is still lacking. This condition is caused by the application of cultivation technology is not optimal. Noting that PT. NATURAL NUSANTARA help boost production in quantity, quality and environmental sustainability (Aspects of K-3). So petanai able to compete in the free market era.


Mango plants grow well at an altitude of 50-300 meters above sea level at the time of a thick layer of soil and soil crumb structure and grained.


High value varieties include Arumanis Gadung 21 or 143. Other varieties Manalagi 69, Lalijiwo, Chokanan and Marionette 31.

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Planting hole was made 1-2 months before planting, size and spacing 1mx1mx1m 6 mx 8 m. Two weeks prior to the planting, soil excavation is put back into the planting hole mixed with manure in the ratio 1: 1. Would be optimal flush SUPER NASA (0.5 tbsp / lt of water / tree).


Planting at the beginning of the rainy season. Before seedlings are planted plastic bags removed. ± planting depth of 15-20 cm above the root neck and pressed towards the soil around the plant so that the plant does not collapse. Plants given shade on his side to the west and then reduced gradually sedikit.f


> Manure (PK) 1 times given at the beginning of the rainy season. The trick dibenamkana width around the plant canopy tree or dig a hole in the side of plants. Mango aged 1-5 years were given 30 kg of PK, aged 6-15 years were given 60 kg pk. It would be optimal if added SUPER NASA or if it is difficult to obtain manure use SUPER NASA with a dose:

-Alternative 1;: 0.5 tbsp / 5 liters per plant

-Alternative 2: 1 bottle SUPER NASA dilute in 2 liters (2000ml) of water make the mother liquor. Then every 1 liter of water was given 20 ml of this solution to water per tree.

> Peberian SUPER NASA can then be administered every 3-4 months.

> Spraying NASA POC (3-4 ttp / tank) or optimal leboh NASA POC (3-4 ttp) + HORMONIK (1 ttp0 per tank every 1-3 months. Fertilizer NPK beginning 2 times a year (November-December), late rainy season (April-May) dose as follows:
Age (years) PK (kg) Dose Macro Fertilizer (kg / tree)
1-3 20-30 0.5-1 
Agen Judi Bola0.25-0.5 0.25-0.5 
30-40 4-6 1-2 0.5-1 0.5-1 
50-60 7-10 2-3 1-1.5 1-1.5 
> 10 60-60 3-4 1.5-2 1.5-2